Monday, January 18, 2010

A not so modest proposal

A rather strange land and property rights related offer to displaced Haitians from Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade:

“The repeated calamities that befall Haiti prompt me to propose a radical
solution – to take measures to create somewhere in Africa . . . the conditions
for Haitians to return,” Mr Wade said...

Presidential spokesman Mamadou Bemba Ndiaye told reporters that Mr Wade had
shared his plans with senior aides, and they involved offering voluntary
repatriation and plots of land to any Haitian who wanted “to return to their

“Senegal is ready to offer them parcels of land – even an entire

Sounds like a PR move to me. I would be surprised if any Haitians end up in Senegal, and not very opitimistic about if it actually happened, though it would certainly be interesting to see what happened.

HT: Marginal Revolution

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