Thursday, March 4, 2010


Speaking of which, if you haven't heard it the EconTalk podcast is awesome. It has literally revolutionized my life as a commuter. Each episode is an hour long conversation between George Mason University professor Russ Roberts and a guest, often someone who has recently written a book. The guests are often economists, but also include a wide range of people talking about lots of different things- psychologists talking about education, legal scholars, etc. Development is a frequent topic, and Roberts gets some pretty big names on the show- people like William Easterly, Paul Collier, and Michael Spence, as well as lesser known people and sometimes even practioners. Roberts is a smart and thoughtful guy who asks good questions, and his genial manner has earned him the nickname "Uncle Russ" (at least to me). He's been doing this for years, so the archives are huge. In addition to the development stuff, I highly recommend the one with Robin Hanson on signalling if you want something that will blow your mind.

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